6 August 2012

Hour 1

Hour 2

2:55 PM Lotus Plaza Untitled Spooky Action at a Distance Kranky
2:54 PM Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams The Trans Slambovian Bi-Polar Express Porcupine Mountain Music Fest Promo -
2:50 PM Bloody Knives Death Wish Blood, Guts, and Pussy Saint Marie
2:48 PM Dirty Projectors About to Die Swing Lo Magellan Domino
2:43 PM Opossum Girl Electric Hawaii Fire
2:40 PM Edith Piaf J’Suis Mordue 45 Philips
2:30 PM Ralph Carney Brian the Beach Man I Like You (A Lot) Akron Tracker
2:25 PM Dead Can Dance Children of the Sun Anastasis Pias
2:20 PM The Dead Milkmen Beach Song Big Lizard in my Backyard Restless
2:17 PM Deep Time Gold Rush Deep Time Hardly Art
2:13 PM Adan Guhlerer Bize 45 Sleepyboy
2:09 PM Monotract Under My Arm Trueno Oscuro LOAD
1:59 PM Prince Rama Exorcise Utopia = No Person Not Not Fun
1:57 PM Dreampeter Bluebird single Zen Tapes
1:47 PM Jacques Tremblay Le Vidoir Miniatures Concretes empreintes Digital
1:44 PM Arrington de Dionyso Mirrors and Windows Songs of Psychic Fire Vol. 3 self-released
1:43 PM Walt Disney Presents Acting Out the ABC’s 45 Disneyland
1:41 PM Merle Haggard Railroad Lady, The Hobo My Love Affair with Trains Capitol
1:19 PM Merle Haggard Where Have All The Hobos Gone? My Love Affair with Trains Capitol
1:09 PM Beethoven (NBC Symphony Orchestra, Toscanini, conductor) Symphony No. 9 (2nd Movement) Symphonies Nos. 1 and 9 RCA Victor