26 November 2012

Just an hour today, pretty quick.  A coincidentally Russian string of requests; the Prokofiev was the only thing I wanted to play for sure.  The third and fourth movements of his Symphony No. 1 are incredible.  The 3rd is also featured as the foundation of the gavotte in his wonderful ballet, Romeo and Juliet.  I might like the chunk in the ballet better, only because it’s a little longer.  I appreciate the brevity of the first symphony, but the melody is too nice not to splash around in for a while.  The energy of the fourth movement of the symphony is a great testament to the young composer’s brilliant vision.

From the ballet:

From Symphony No. 1:

I have to say, the Marianne Faithful was sort of a mistake, but the Magnetic Fields song is nice.

Hour 1

2:58 PM Marianne Faithful Broken English Blazing Away Island
2:54 PM Big Star Lady Sweet In Space Rykodisc
2:54 PM Magnetic Fields Asleep and Dreaming 69 Love Songs Merge
2:40 PM Prokofiev (Dresden Philharmonic, Kurt Masur, conductor) Symphony No. 1 - -
2:14 PM Stravinsky (Los Angeles Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta, conductor) Petrushka, First and (part of) Second Movement Petruska, Circus Polka London
2:13 PM Shostakovich (Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Kiril Kondrashin, conductor) Symphony No. 5, Second Movement The First Releases: February 1967 Melodiya