22 October 2012

One hour of radio seems like nothing! Rite of Spring is playing this Saturday at Hill Auditorium.  Both are 100 years old.  The Mariinsky Orchestra with Denis Matsuev on piano.  Valery Gergiev conducting.

One of Frank Zappa’s favorite albums was the “World Wide Orchestra’s” recording of Rite of Spring.  Turns out, it was Vanguard Records’ way of getting out of copyright honesty, and the recording was actually the San Francisco Orchestra with Pierre Monteux conducting – the conductor who premiered Rite of Spring in 1913 at which the piece nearly incited a riot.

WCBN has the same version that Frank Zappa listened to; complete with generic and strange LP art.

Hour 1

2:54 PM Tom Waits Goin’ Out West Bone Machine Island
2:49 PM The Jim Carroll Band People Who Died Catholic Boy Atco
2:49 PM Black Mountain Modern Music Black Mountain Jagjaguar
2:48 PM Swans Your Game Body to Body Job to Job Young God
2:15 PM Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sleep Is Wrong Grand Opening and Closing Seeland-Chaosophy
2:13 PM Cline, Giffoni, Licht, Ranaldo Nothing Make Any Sense Nothing Makes Any Sense No Fun Productions
2:03 PM Stravinsky (World Wide Orchestra, which is pseudonymn for San Fran Symp Orchestra with Pierre Monteux conducting) Rite of Spring Rite of Spring, The Fertility of the Earth – Part 1 Camden