19 November 2012

Theme of the Day: Days.

Heaps of requests came in for this one. Lots of tracks out there about all sorts of days. See below for playlist and mp3s of the show.

The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry featured one of the songs today; on it was written “Best debut ever? Yes!”, which seems slightly dated. Some replies written on the LP sleeve over the years were pretty comical.

Some of the not-quite-creative replies:

Hendrix’s debut is better

The Clash’s was better

Pretenders’ was better

REM’s was better

Gang of Four’s was better

Run DMC’s was better

Joy Division’s was better

and, finally, a zinger;

Guess what it’s NOT their debut.  3 Missing boys . . . was and it’s much better.

I played a song by John Hartford.  He used to look different than he used to look.  The song, Back in the Goodle Days, is off 1971′s Aereo Plain.

I mentioned a Butthole Surfers interview from September, 1984.  You can read it here.   Saw them a few years ago, and what a ball they have on stage!  Pranking each other, fiddling with all sorts of looping and delay effects; all while the most extremely horrific B-movie gore scenes played on repeat on the screen behind them.  The one that stands out in my memory is of a man standing still while two gigantic mallet things – like really gigantic, maybe the size of one of those big rolls of hay you see in fields sometimes – swing down in symmetry and explode the poor (by then) mannequin’s head.  The fact that it was a faked scene was, by about the 30th viewing, the scariest part.

I mention that the Grass Widow song, Landscape, sounds a little sped up at a few parts.  Not the whole thing, but enough to notice.  Possibly some strange tape-related stuff going on maybe.  Either way I’m glad I was wrong when I thought my LP was warped.

Thanks for the requests; my favorites may have been Wall of Voodoo (pretty funny) and Blur (pretty good; tasteful use of British horns, little cheesy on the change of pace, though).

Hour 1

Hour 2


2:59 PM The Beatles A Day in the Life Sgt Peppers Capitol
2:57 PM John Hartford Back in the Goodle Days Aero Plain WB
2:49 PM Etta James Sunday Kind of Love The Essential MCA
2:47 PM John Lee Hooker Rainy Day Don’t Look Back Point Blank/ Virgin
2:44 PM Paul McCartney Summer’s Day Song McCartney II Concord
2:38 PM Les Savy Fav Blackouts on Thursday Inches Frenchkiss
2:28 PM Morphine Thursday Bootleg Detroit Rykodisc
2:22 PM DEVO The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise Duty Now for the Future WB
2:21 PM The Cure Strange Day Pornography A&M
2:18 PM The Cure 10:15 Saturday Night Boys Don’t Cry Fiction
2:05 PM Grass Widow Landscape Past Time Kill Rock Stars
2:01 PM Wall of Voodoo Tomorrow All of the West IRS
1:59 PM Blur Sunday Sunday Modern Life Is Rubbish SBK
1:52 PM Fad Gadget Saturday Night Special The Best of Fad Gadget Mute
1:51 PM The Kinks All Day and All Night All Day and All Night Rhino
1:45 PM PJ Harvey Perfect Day Elise Is This Desire Island
1:45 PM Butthole Surfers Day of the Dying Alive Humpty Dumpty LSD Midheaven
1:39 PM Monotract These Are the Hard Days I Can’t Forget xprmntl lvrs Ecstatic Peace!
1:26 PM Naked Raygun Strange Days Huge Bigness Quarterstick
1:24 PM The Jesus Lizard Sunday You Need Love Bang Touch and Go
1:20 PM Rapeman Just Got Paid Today Nothing Short of Total War Blast First
1:17 PM Helios Creed Weekends Superior Catholic Finger Subterranean Records
1:16 PM Vivaldi (Philharmonia String Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor) Winter The Four Seasons Angel