16 July 2012

16 July 2012 Hour 1

16 July 2012 Hour 2

2:50 PM Prince Rama Thunderdrums, Storm Worship Shadow Temple Paw Tracks
2:43 PM Janel & Anthony Leaving the Woods Where Is Home Cuneiform
2:39 PM Birdsong’s Airforce Full Frontal Nudity IAMAPHOTOGRAPHER Plain
2:30 PM David Greenberger Betty Be Mine Mayor of the Tennessee River Pel Pel Recordings
2:22 PM Arthur Russell Goodbye Old Paint Love Is Overtaking Me Audika
2:17 PM fthrsn Hysteria Hyesteria Speaker Snacks
2:12 PM King Biscuit Time I Walk the Earth No Style Astralwerks
2:10 PM Ut Evangelist Nothing Short of Total War Blast First
2:10 PM Ciccone Youth “***” Nothing Short of Total War Blast First
2:03 PM Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple Virginal Plane Kinski | Acid Mothers Temple Sub Pop
1:58 PM The Mae Shi Raise Up the Judges To Hit Armor Class Zero Strictly Amateur Films
1:58 PM Scott Joplin (E. Power Biggs, pedal harpsichord) Original Rags, Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin CBS
1:40 PM Mozart (Glenn Gould, piano) Sonata No. 11 The Mozart Piano Sonatas, Vol. 4 Columbia
1:08 PM Gottschalk (Alan Mandel, piano) The Banjo, La Scintilla, Souvenir de Porto Rico, Creole Eyes, Two Mazurkas Forty Works for Piano Desto