10 December 2012

What is it about Genesis that’s so funny?  Don’t know, but Land of Confusion is hilarious and great.  And the music video is horrifying.

The X song has a great beginning; I used it for a WCBN promo when we screened The Unheard Music, which is a pretty great documentary about the band.

Tom Waits may be the most-requested artist on my show, for what that’s worth, and 2:19 was a request.

Hour 1

3:00 PM Deadbolt Watongo
2:54 PM Swans Little Mouth My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To the Sky Young God
2:49 PM Metz Negative Space Metz Sub Pop
2:48 PM Tom Waits 2:19 Brawlers Anti-
2:48 PM Tav Falco’s Panter Burns Come On Little Mama Behind the Magnolia Curtain Rough Trade
2:46 PM The Vibes Off the Cuff On a Night Like This Whittier
2:39 PM Protomartyr Jumbo’s No Passion All Technique Urinal Cake
2:31 PM The Knitters The Call of the Wreckin’ Ball Poor Little Critter on the Road Slash
2:31 PM X Hungry Wolf Live at the Whisky A Go-Go on the Fabulous Sunset Strip Elektra
2:19 PM Genesis Land of Confusion Invisible Touch Atlantic Records
2:06 PM Rachmaninoff (New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein, conductor, Gary Graffman, pianist) Second Piano Concerto Rhapsody on a Theme from Paganini, Second Piano Concerto Columbia

2 December 2012

The similarities between Flipper and Jonathan Richman may go deeper than their at-the-time contrarian nature, but I’m happy that I was able to play them back-to-back.

Richman: “No, I want to play quieter.”

Flipper: “No, we want to play slower.”

This is another track off the same Flipper album:


Hour 1

Hour 2

2:57 PM Blonde Redhead Sciuri Sciura Blonde Redhead Smells Like
2:56 PM The Fall Put Away Peel Sessions BBC
2:52 PM Billy Childish John Hardy The Original Chatam Jack Sub Pop
2:51 PM The Breeders Do You Love Me Last Splash 4AD
2:41 PM Jonathan Richman French Style Surrender to Jonathan Vapor
2:34 PM Flipper Nothing Generic Flipper Subterraean
2:33 PM Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney Too Many People Ram Capitol
2:31 PM Tiny Tim Nowhere Man 1968 Beatles Christmas Disc Capitol
2:29 PM Hugh J and the Picnic You Mean a Thing or Two to Me Asleep Action Pop!
2:13 PM Tiny Tim If I Had You I Love Me Seeland
2:11 PM Blues Control Boiled Peanuts Blues Control Holy Mountain
2:05 PM Tyvek Air Conditioner Fast Metabolism M’Lady’s/Water Wing
2:04 PM Link Wray Rumble Rumble Polydor
2:04 PM Link Wray Walking Bulldog Rumble Polydor
1:55 PM Jib Kidder Do It All the Time Steal Guitars States Rights
1:43 PM Hindemith (Philharmonia Orchestra, Constantin Silvestri, conductor) Mathis Der Maler Hindemith, Bartok Angel
1:06 PM Boccherini (Philharmonia Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor; Janos Starker, cello) Concerto in B flat Major Janos Starker Angel

26 November 2012

Just an hour today, pretty quick.  A coincidentally Russian string of requests; the Prokofiev was the only thing I wanted to play for sure.  The third and fourth movements of his Symphony No. 1 are incredible.  The 3rd is also featured as the foundation of the gavotte in his wonderful ballet, Romeo and Juliet.  I might like the chunk in the ballet better, only because it’s a little longer.  I appreciate the brevity of the first symphony, but the melody is too nice not to splash around in for a while.  The energy of the fourth movement of the symphony is a great testament to the young composer’s brilliant vision.

From the ballet:

From Symphony No. 1:

I have to say, the Marianne Faithful was sort of a mistake, but the Magnetic Fields song is nice.

Hour 1

2:58 PM Marianne Faithful Broken English Blazing Away Island
2:54 PM Big Star Lady Sweet In Space Rykodisc
2:54 PM Magnetic Fields Asleep and Dreaming 69 Love Songs Merge
2:40 PM Prokofiev (Dresden Philharmonic, Kurt Masur, conductor) Symphony No. 1 - -
2:14 PM Stravinsky (Los Angeles Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta, conductor) Petrushka, First and (part of) Second Movement Petruska, Circus Polka London
2:13 PM Shostakovich (Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Kiril Kondrashin, conductor) Symphony No. 5, Second Movement The First Releases: February 1967 Melodiya

19 November 2012

Theme of the Day: Days.

Heaps of requests came in for this one. Lots of tracks out there about all sorts of days. See below for playlist and mp3s of the show.

The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry featured one of the songs today; on it was written “Best debut ever? Yes!”, which seems slightly dated. Some replies written on the LP sleeve over the years were pretty comical.

Some of the not-quite-creative replies:

Hendrix’s debut is better

The Clash’s was better

Pretenders’ was better

REM’s was better

Gang of Four’s was better

Run DMC’s was better

Joy Division’s was better

and, finally, a zinger;

Guess what it’s NOT their debut.  3 Missing boys . . . was and it’s much better.

I played a song by John Hartford.  He used to look different than he used to look.  The song, Back in the Goodle Days, is off 1971′s Aereo Plain.

I mentioned a Butthole Surfers interview from September, 1984.  You can read it here.   Saw them a few years ago, and what a ball they have on stage!  Pranking each other, fiddling with all sorts of looping and delay effects; all while the most extremely horrific B-movie gore scenes played on repeat on the screen behind them.  The one that stands out in my memory is of a man standing still while two gigantic mallet things – like really gigantic, maybe the size of one of those big rolls of hay you see in fields sometimes – swing down in symmetry and explode the poor (by then) mannequin’s head.  The fact that it was a faked scene was, by about the 30th viewing, the scariest part.

I mention that the Grass Widow song, Landscape, sounds a little sped up at a few parts.  Not the whole thing, but enough to notice.  Possibly some strange tape-related stuff going on maybe.  Either way I’m glad I was wrong when I thought my LP was warped.

Thanks for the requests; my favorites may have been Wall of Voodoo (pretty funny) and Blur (pretty good; tasteful use of British horns, little cheesy on the change of pace, though).

Hour 1

Hour 2


2:59 PM The Beatles A Day in the Life Sgt Peppers Capitol
2:57 PM John Hartford Back in the Goodle Days Aero Plain WB
2:49 PM Etta James Sunday Kind of Love The Essential MCA
2:47 PM John Lee Hooker Rainy Day Don’t Look Back Point Blank/ Virgin
2:44 PM Paul McCartney Summer’s Day Song McCartney II Concord
2:38 PM Les Savy Fav Blackouts on Thursday Inches Frenchkiss
2:28 PM Morphine Thursday Bootleg Detroit Rykodisc
2:22 PM DEVO The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise Duty Now for the Future WB
2:21 PM The Cure Strange Day Pornography A&M
2:18 PM The Cure 10:15 Saturday Night Boys Don’t Cry Fiction
2:05 PM Grass Widow Landscape Past Time Kill Rock Stars
2:01 PM Wall of Voodoo Tomorrow All of the West IRS
1:59 PM Blur Sunday Sunday Modern Life Is Rubbish SBK
1:52 PM Fad Gadget Saturday Night Special The Best of Fad Gadget Mute
1:51 PM The Kinks All Day and All Night All Day and All Night Rhino
1:45 PM PJ Harvey Perfect Day Elise Is This Desire Island
1:45 PM Butthole Surfers Day of the Dying Alive Humpty Dumpty LSD Midheaven
1:39 PM Monotract These Are the Hard Days I Can’t Forget xprmntl lvrs Ecstatic Peace!
1:26 PM Naked Raygun Strange Days Huge Bigness Quarterstick
1:24 PM The Jesus Lizard Sunday You Need Love Bang Touch and Go
1:20 PM Rapeman Just Got Paid Today Nothing Short of Total War Blast First
1:17 PM Helios Creed Weekends Superior Catholic Finger Subterranean Records
1:16 PM Vivaldi (Philharmonia String Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor) Winter The Four Seasons Angel

12 November 2012

Brian McCorkle, Valerie Kuehne, and Esther Neff made this a really special show!  Brian, an old friend, and his fellow travelers put on a show at the Far House last night.  They had some time before their next show in Cincinnati, so they were keen to get into CBN for a performance.


Performances by Brian and Valerie, and a brief interview at the end of the show highlight what talented and inspired individuals these folks are.

The three live in the Panoply Performance Lab in Brooklyn and regularly curate multidimensional performance art exhibitions.  They are currently touring the Midwest.  Brian and Esther went to school at UM and it was a real joy having them back in the CBN studios.

Brian and Esther’s operas incorporate a distinct idealogy.  From their site:

Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff have been collaborating as “Panoply Performance Laboratory” or “PPL” for the past 6 years on work that combines conceptual music, sculpture, and performance art. Each site-and-context-specific performance theorizes compositional and constructive systems, ideological structures, modes of production, and epistemic geneologies via precise, viscereal actions. PPL perform barefoot, employing extended vocal techniques, using home-made instruments of sound and labor, manipulating sculptural objects stuffed with analog electronics, and operating crude wood/rope/plastic contraptions. Often participatory and created in the moment with a collaborating audience, PPL performances swing violently between the hyper-structural and the indeteriminate, dealing with causation, reaction, conception, cognition, and active human practices of construction and reality- projection.

I wish them well on their travels!  For information on their various projects, see the links below.

Panoply Performance Lab

Brian McCorkle (What Color Is Your Machine Gun, Big Plastic Finger, etc.)

Valerie Kuenhe

Esther Neff

The Supercoda (one of Kuehne’s projects)


And, for mp3s of the 2 hours of the show, click below.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Also, I hope to see everyone at WCBN’s Free Night at the Movies on Wednesday!  ABC at 9pm; The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy!

2:46 PM The Raincoats Off Duty Trip The Raincoats Geffen
2:45 PM Silver Jews Candy Jail
2:22 PM Echo & the Bunnymen Forgotten Fields The Fountain Ocean Rain
2:17 PM Six Finger Satellite Coke and Mirrors Paranormalized Sub Pop
2:14 PM NOXAGT Coefficient Ascender NOXAGT LOAD
2:10 PM Grass Widow Tuesday Past Time Kill Rock Stars
2:10 PM Brian McCorkle -Live in Studio- -Live in Studio- -Live in Studio-
1:39 PM Strauss-Tausig (Jorge Bolet, piano) Man Ist nur Einmal Bolet at Carnegie Hall RCA
1:29 PM Igor Stravinsky (Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Stravinksky, conductor) Symphony in 3 Movements Violin Concerto and Symphony in Three Movements Columbia

5 November 2012

Why does sad music make us happy? Not all of it does, of course, but I think some incredibly sad songs generate a great deal of joy because of our tendency to appreciate art that is truthful. There is no better example than Elliot Smith, whose intense suffering and eventual suicide deeply affect how his music is interpreted. His absolute genius at melody and song structure give to the listener a beautifully unique experience. For me, knowing that Smith tragically stabbed himself in the heart (a highly disturbing thought) makes this music incredibly and undeniably real. Genuine sadness that can make us happy to be alive.

The subtlety of some of the songs from today makes all the difference, and while sadness in art can certainly bring us down, appreciating the brilliance of its effect can be a great source of joy, just like Beethoven’s 15th String Quartet, written just after he recovered from an illness he thought surely would kill him.



Hour 1

Hour 2

2:52 PM Islands Volcanoes Return to the Sea Equator
2:48 PM of Montreal (request) Old People in the Cemetery Aldhils Arboretum Kindercore Records
2:47 PM Elliot Smith King’s Crossing From a Basement on a Hill Kill Rock Stars
2:36 PM Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi Hits Reprise
2:30 PM Daniel Johnston Speeding Motorcycle Yip/ Jump Music Eternal Yip Eye Music
2:29 PM The Magnetic Fields Epitaph for My Heart 69 Love Songs Merge
2:18 PM Joy Division She’s Lost Control Unknown Pleasures Qwest
2:02 PM Beethoven (Fine Arts Quartet String Quartet 15 3rd Movement The Late Quartets Concert-Disc



29 October 2012

A special show today; Craig “Harry” Harrison stopped in on his way back to Queensland and played two hours of all Australian music.  It was a good mix of styles and I had a ball listening.  Hope John and Lilly get to listen!


Hour 1

Hour 2

2:57 PM The Presets I Go Hard, I Go Home Beams
2:54 PM The Presets Are You the One? Beams
2:48 PM Art Vs Science Take a Look at Your Face The Experiment
2:46 PM TISM (He’ll Never Be An) Ol’ Man River Machiavelli and the Four Seasons
2:42 PM Regurgitator Couldn’t Do It Regurgitator
2:40 PM Spiderbait Old Man Sam P’Tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh
2:37 PM My Mum Is the Best Rhys Muldoon I’m Not Singing
2:32 PM Spiderbait Monty The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake
2:27 PM Wolfmother Colossal Wolfmother
2:22 PM Silverchair Tomorrow Tomorrow EP
2:19 PM Grinspoon Railrider Guide to Better Living
2:15 PM Tumbleweed Stoned Theater of Gnomes
2:09 PM Jebediah Puck Defender Slightly Odway
2:03 PM The Cruel Sea Delivery Man The Honeymoon Is Over
2:01 PM Custard Pack Yr Suitcases Pack Yr Suitcases Single
1:57 PM The Radiators Fess’ Song Feel the Heat
1:54 PM Midnight Oil Section 5 (Bus to Bondi) Head Injuries
1:51 PM The Saints (I’m) Stranded (I’m) Stranded
1:47 PM Radio Birdman Aloha Steve & Danno The Essential
1:36 PM Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Tupelo The Firstborn Is Dead
1:32 PM The Birthday Party Mr. Clarinet Hits
1:27 PM The Beasts of Bourbon Psycho The Axeman’s Jazz
1:23 PM The John Butler Trio Zebra Sunrise over Sea
1:19 PM Powderfinger The Day You Come Internationalist
1:16 PM Bernard Fanning Wish You Well Tea & Symphony
1:14 PM You Am I Purple Sneakers Hi Fi Way
1:10 PM Paul Kelly From St. Kilda to Kings Cross Post
1:07 PM Xavier Rudd Message Stick White Moth



22 October 2012

One hour of radio seems like nothing! Rite of Spring is playing this Saturday at Hill Auditorium.  Both are 100 years old.  The Mariinsky Orchestra with Denis Matsuev on piano.  Valery Gergiev conducting.

One of Frank Zappa’s favorite albums was the “World Wide Orchestra’s” recording of Rite of Spring.  Turns out, it was Vanguard Records’ way of getting out of copyright honesty, and the recording was actually the San Francisco Orchestra with Pierre Monteux conducting – the conductor who premiered Rite of Spring in 1913 at which the piece nearly incited a riot.

WCBN has the same version that Frank Zappa listened to; complete with generic and strange LP art.

Hour 1

2:54 PM Tom Waits Goin’ Out West Bone Machine Island
2:49 PM The Jim Carroll Band People Who Died Catholic Boy Atco
2:49 PM Black Mountain Modern Music Black Mountain Jagjaguar
2:48 PM Swans Your Game Body to Body Job to Job Young God
2:15 PM Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sleep Is Wrong Grand Opening and Closing Seeland-Chaosophy
2:13 PM Cline, Giffoni, Licht, Ranaldo Nothing Make Any Sense Nothing Makes Any Sense No Fun Productions
2:03 PM Stravinsky (World Wide Orchestra, which is pseudonymn for San Fran Symp Orchestra with Pierre Monteux conducting) Rite of Spring Rite of Spring, The Fertility of the Earth – Part 1 Camden